UMMC-Steel Corp.


To produce high-quality steel products to satisfy customer demands and intensify production processes in Russian and foreign companies by increasing our efficiency and implementing innovative practices in our production processes.


UMMC-Steel Corp. is a highly-efficient iron & steel industry division of UMMC Holding, which operates in accordance with high quality standards of production processes and strives to satisfy the demands of all rolled steel market players both from Russia and CIS countries to the highest extent possible.


To improve competitiveness of the products we manufacture on an ongoing basis and ensure long-term efficient development in the present-day rolled steel market.

Pursuing its continuous development strategy, UMMC-Steel Corp. actively strengthens its presence in the Russian rolled steel market and strives to be a reliable supplier of high-quality carbon and alloyed steels. 


  1. Retaining and expanding sales and supply markets;
  2. Motivating our staff to achieve goals through their professional development, involvement in quality management process and satisfaction with work products and social benefits;
  3. Providing guarantees of efficiency, reliability and liquidity for the shareholders;
  4. Winning leading positions in development and implementation of new technologies;
  5. Improving customer loyalty by satisfying their demands to the greatest extent possible as we make our deliveries more flexible and reduce production costs by improving our logistics system);
  6. Improving production efficiency by increasing investments;
  7. Expanding our product range
  8. Achieving high industrial safety and environmental compliance performance indicators.


  • Achieve required results in due time and at an optimal cost.
  • Effectively perform the work delivering high results.
  • Improve production process; implement the most state-of-the-art technologies; enhance staff competence level.
  • Fulfill commitments; make decisions and be responsible for the outcome.

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