Good health is essential for anyone to work productively. Aware of it, the top management of Nadezhdinski Metallurgical Plant spends money to promote health, diagnosis and treatment for the employees. In 2012, the plant spent over 91 million rubles to implement the plant's healthcare programs. During the first six months of this year, over 37 million rubles were spent.

  • Preventive medical examination
  • Vaccination
  • Sanatoriums & health resorts
  • Catering services


One of the main HR policy goals for Nadezhdinski Metallurgical Plant is to train qualified specialists. To achieve these goals, the metallurgical plant spent over 24 million rubles in 2012. In 2013, the investment amounted to 29 mln. rubles.

  • Training, upskilling and reskilling for the plant's staff
  • Providing support to the studying youth in the plant
  • Providing support to the creative and talented youth


From 2005 to 2009, our metallurgical plant built four 50-apartment buildings, where apartments were provided to 143 plant's employees and their families. These apartments were provided to the young metallurgists under sale and purchase agreements. For each of them, an initial installment amounted to 15% of the apartment price. Then they would have to pay the purchase price of the housing within the next 10 years, in accordance with the payment schedule. The plant spent a total of 181 million rubles to implement this project.


Every year the plant initiates singing and dancing festivals and competitions among the employees and their children. The metallurgists made a present for the New Year, which is an ice town in the square in front of the Hall of Culture of Metallurgists.Over the past year, the plant has spent over 12 million rubles for various cultural activities.

  • Organizing socially significant events and holidays in the Serov Urban District
  • Supporting creative art and performance teams in the company


Sport is an integral part of the Serov steelmakers' lives. The plant organizes sports competitions among the plant's employees and sponsors the Water Sports Palace and the Metallurgist Sports House. The 2012 physical exercise and sports budget amounted to 7.8 million rubles. 

  • Holding mass physical training and sporting events
  • Supporting sport teams and clubs


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