Staff training and continuing professional development are the cornerstones of the plant's successful operation.

Nadezhdinski Metallurgical Plant has established a vocational training and skill improvement system for the staff which includes:

  • in-house professional training for workers;
  • continuing professional development for executives and specialists;
  • higher professional and secondary vocational education in universities, institutes and colleges.  

In accordance with the valid license for educational activities 66 No. 000129 reg. No. 3705, Nadezhdinski Metallurgical Plant provides trainings and education in 194 professional development programs. To ensure a high-quality educational process, the plant has furnished 17 classrooms, which also include a computer classroom; it also has a state-of-the-art engineering library and a reading hall.

The training for the working staff is provided by our in-house tutors and vocational training foremen out of the highly-skilled workers and specialists, using customized training programs. Subject to their working areas and professions, the workers get extra training and take exams to be authorized to operate and maintain a complex and extremely hazardous equipment.

The executives, specialists and workers attend continuing professional development courses and prepare for certifications in various types of supervision and legal requirements in specialized training centers.

Since autumn 2013, most of the continuing development courses are held in the UMMC Technical University. Since that time on, 626 employees have been trained in the UMMC Technical University.

The UMMC Technical University is an educational institution which is intended to train highly-skilled engineers and workers for the domestic industry. The UMMC Technical University building is a high-tech educational building, with an area of 11 thousand square meters. The university building can host up to 800 students at a time.Here the engineers from 10 Russian regions get the training under 150 educational programs that conform to the requirements of UMMC’s professional standards. The training programs are customized to companies’ requests. Remote learning formats, such as remote lectures via HD video conferences and electronic courses, are widely used.

On average, every year over 60% of the plant's employees attend a certain type of training.

Nadezhdinski Metallurgical Plant arranges for targeted staff education in higher education and secondary vocational institutions (mostly in the Ural Federal University named after the First President of Russia B.N. Yeltsyn; Serov Metallurgical College; Verkhnyaya Pyshma Mechanical & Technological College "Youth"). Currently, 45 plant employees are studying in the Serov Metallurgical College to get a secondary vocational education sponsored by the plant.

In order to select a reliable partner providing educational services and improve the staff training quality, Nadezhdinski Metallurgical Plant defined a procedure for assessment and selection of educational service providers with regard to their capacity to satisfy the plant's demand for the staff training.

The staff training result assessment and the educational process analysis demonstrate that the average training efficiency is at least 70%.

In 2013, Nadezhdinski Metallurgical Plant started developing professional standards. A professional standard is a document that defines the company's requirements to what employees should know and be able to do during their operations in their workplaces. So far, over 200 professional standards have been developed for job positions and blue-collar occupations.

Career guidance. Addressing the youth.

The foundation of any company has always been a competent, highly-potential and talented youth, therefore the plant is paying special attention to addressing the youth and career guidance.

In order to familiarize students from schools and secondary vocational institutions with the plant's production, to assist them in choosing their professions with regard to socially significant choice grounds (prestige of the profession of a metallurgist, continuation of the plant's labour dynasties), to inspire an attitude of respect to the labour, and to make technical professions of engineers and workers more popular, our steel-making plant arranges for the plant visits. So, in 2014, we organized four tours called "I'm proud of my parents" (for 46 students) and 34 plant visits to familiarize them with the plant’s process cycle (for 550 students).

As part of cooperation with the higher, secondary and basic professional education institutions, every year our PJSC organizes and conducts all types of internships (familiarization; process induction; pre-graduation): since 2005, 2 195 students have been on internship in our plant, 400 of them have been employed by the plant.

On-the-job training is the cornerstone of professional education. This is where the students acquire skills in professions and specializations they have chosen, being assisted by experienced metallurgists. Normally, 20% of the students who do an internship with our metallurgical plant return to the working teams they are already familiar with after they graduate.

For over 10 years, our metallurgical plant has been signing letters of intent for the plant employees who are on a military draft in the Russian Army and for the students who did an internship in the plant but had no time to get employed before they joined the army. According to this letter of intent, the plant does not only provide a guaranteed work place but also pay an appointment allowance of as much as 150% of the plant' mean salary to newly employed employees after they return from their military draft in the army.

The young plant's employees who completed an intra/extramural or extramural course in a college or a higher educational institution and obtained a degree in the disciplines that are in demand for the production are paid a lump-sum remuneration of as much as 30% and 50% of the plant's mean salary, respectively, upon decision of the educational board.

In order to identify innovative experience and to support and give incentives to talented and creative young specialists, Nadezhdinski Metallurgical Plant holds a youth R&D conference once in two years. On November 22, 2014, the 6th Youth R&D Conference took place. Thirty-eight reports were presented at that conference. In November 2016, another conference, dedicated to the plant’s 120th anniversary. In November 2020, the next conference will be held.

Awarding employees

Our plant awards employees for a special contribution to the production development, enhancement of the company's prestige and positive image, product quality improvement, a long-term impeccable work, innovations in their labour and other achievements at the year end or in celebration of holidays, anniversaries, memorable dates and professional holidays.

The Procedure of Awarding with the Plant’s Awards provides for the following types of awards:

  • Letter of Gratitude from the Director of PJSC Nadezhdinski Metallurgical Plant;
  • Certificate of Commendation from PJSC Nadezhdinski Metallurgical Plant;
  • Entering on the Board of Honour of PJSC Nadezhdinski Metallurgical Plant;
  • Awarding the title of "The Honoured Employee of the Plant";
  • Entering in the Book of Honour of PJSC Nadezhdinski Metallurgical Plant.

For special labour achievements that are significant for the society and the state, employees can be awarded with ministerial and governmental awards and awards from higher-level organizations (awards from UMMC-Holding LLC) or governmental and administrative authorities.

From 2013 to 2015, the plant's employees were awarded with the following awards:

Types of awards

Number of employees awarded

Ministerial awards 29
Regional awards 63
Republican (district) awards 28
Municipal awards 70
UMMC-Holding Awards 123
Plant’s awards 982
Awards from the Russian Mining & Smelting Trade Union 64
TOTAL: 1 359

Performance assessment as a staff competence appraisal method

The plant's executives, specialists and office staff are certified for the purpose of establishing their adequacy to the positions occupied (work being performed) at least once in 5 years.

This certification is performed according to Provision P 00186387-35-05-2013 on Certification of Executives, Specialists and Office Staff in PJSC Nadezhdinski Metallurgical Plant and Methodical Guidelines MU 00186387-35-01-2013 on Competence Evaluation of Executives, Specialists and Office Staff.

These guidelines regulate the procedure of certification of executives, specialists and office staff in the plant's structural subdivisions with regard to their competence based on the ISO 9001-2008 International Standard requirements.

The competence evaluation includes the following aspects: knowledge assessment and evaluation of professionally significant capacities and working skills. The knowledge assessment uses tests that include questions relating to the general and professional knowledge; professionally significant capacities and working skills are assessed by way of expert assessment. The expert board is composed of the staff immediately involved in work being performed by an employee being certified, such as: a higher executive, a line manager, a functional manager, a colleague who occupies the same-level position, a subordinate (at least, 3 employees).

Nadezhdinski Metallurgical Plant UMMC-Perspective: Counting reliably on a respectable retirement pension

Nadezhdinski Metallurgical Plant has been cooperating with Nadezhdinski Metallurgical Plant UMMC-Perspective since 2003.

Since then, 4 165 non-governmental pension provision contracts have been signed, where fund members make voluntary contributions to form an extra pension for himself / herself. A monthly contribution amount can be either increased or decreased during the entire pension accumulation period. Besides, employees can execute contracts in favour of their spouses or parents.

So far 1 490 pensioners have already applied for the non-governmental pensions, among them 573 retired pensioners receive extra payments under the regulation on non-governmental pension provision from the company's funds (from 200 to 600 rubles every month for three years).

The pension funds accumulated in Nadezhdinski Metallurgical Plant are invested to increase the income and they can be inherited in case of a pension fund member's death.

Supplementary non-governmental pension provision allows the employees to accumulate their future retirement pensions while still being in the active working age. When the employees reach advanced years, this supplementary pension can become a substantial income source. Besides, the Russian Tax Code provides the following tax benefit: pension contributions to non-governmental pension funds are subject to a social tax deduction.

In total, 4 907 compulsory pension insurance contracts (to transfer the accumulated portion of the retirement pension from the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation to Nadezhdinski Metallurgical Plant Perspective) were signed.

Since January 01, 2016, pension contributions to the accumulated retirement pension for citizens who did not make a decision to participate in the accumulated pension system, will be discontinued.

The liberated compulsory pension insurance contributions of as much as 6% of the payroll will be transferred to the compulsory pension insurance distribution system, i.e. they will be spent to pay the current retirement pensions. For the citizens who are willing to participate in the pension accumulation system and have taken a decision to transfer their pension savings to Nadezhdinski Metallurgical Plant, compulsory contributions to the accumulated pension in the same amount of 6% will be maintained. All the money transferred to the accumulated pension account are invested to increase the income and will be paid out in full when this employee reaches the retirement age. In case an insured employee dies before the superannuation, his / her pension savings will be inherited by his / her successors.

The advantages of accumulating contributions in JSC Nadezhdinski Metallurgical Plant UMMC-Perspective are as follows:

  • individual attention to each client;
  • convenient document execution, free of extra costs;
  • payment of voluntary contributions by deduction from the salary / wages;
  • real-time information on the individual pension account status through the personal account at the fund's website.

To learn more or ask questions, please contact out HR Training & Management Department (13, Narodnaya str.), Suite No. 23, tel. +7 34385 5-55-55 (ext.20-12).

For more details, visit JSC Nadezhdinski Metallurgical Plant UMMC-Perspective's website.


WARNING! Phone scam!

It is becoming increasingly frequent that our employees receive mobile phone calls from agents of various Nadezhdinski Metallurgical Plant who introduce themselves as “the Pension Fund specialists” or “a pension insurance center” or “UMMC representatives”. They can tell you that “your pension insurance contract has expired” or that “you have no pension insurance contract” or that “you need to have your insurance policy or contract re-signed and re-issued.”

Note! Specialists from the Russian Pension Fund and JSC Nadezhdinski Metallurgical Plant never make any such phone calls!

 In fact, these are fraudulent agents trying to obtain your personal data. If you provide any data to them, they will transfer your pension funds to some other Nadezhdinski Metallurgical Plant.

Do not fall for these scams and never provide your personal data to the people you do not know, especially in PHONE conversations!

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