Bogoslovskoye Mining Group

The main goal of Bogoslovskoye Mining Group in terms of environmental protection is to minimize adverse impact of the company's operations on human health and the environment.

In order to achieve this goal, Bogoslovskoye Mining Group's management and staff undertake as follows:

  • to comply with legislative requirements and regulations of the Russian Federation, as well as the requirements of normative documents related to environmental protection;
  • to implement state-of-the-art resource-saving technologies and equipment that ensure rational use of natural resources and serve to reduce wastes, emissions and effluents;
  • to prevent and reduce environmental pollution risks related to accidents;
  • to generate and maintain the required level of knowledge concerning environmental protection in the company's staff by awareness-rising activities and ongoing training.

The duty to execute technical management and ensure environmental safety of the production rests with the Chief Engineer / First Deputy General Director.

The environmental issues are the HSE Office’s area of responsibility.

The main functions of this office are as follows:

  • executing control of compliance with the effective environmental legislation of the Russian Federation and environmental protection standards and regulations that contribute to mitigation of adverse impact of production processes on the environment across the company's subdivisions;
  • organizing analytical monitoring over the environmental pollution level and sanitary & hygienic work conditions in conformance to the current requirements;
  • personal responsibility of the company's staff for non-conformance to environmental protection requirements.

Atmospheric air protection

As part of atmospheric air protection activities, sources of pollutant emissions into the atmospheric air were inventoried; a new Project of Norms of Maximum Permissible Emissions (MPE) of Harmful (Pollutant) Substances into Atmospheric Air was developed and approved by the Department of the Federal Supervisory Natural Resources Management Service for the Ural Federal District.

Production and consumption waste generation and management in the company

In order to control generation and management of production and consumption wastes in the company, third-party companies render waste disposal services (waste mercuric lamps, batteries, tires, domestic and industrial waste, scrap, exhaust oils) on a quarterly basis.

Surface and underground water protection

In order to monitor the surface and underground water condition, the air & water basin protection laboratory of Bogoslovskoye Mining Group, the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in the Sverdlovsk Region (Krasnoturyinsk), and the Center of Laboratory Analysis and Technical Metrology for the Ural Federal District perform timely monitoring.

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