Bogoslovskoye Mining Group

The Severopeschanskaya Mine owned by Bogoslovskoye Mining Group is situated near the town of Krasnoturyinsk, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia.

In 1960, in order to develop Bogoslovskoye Mining Group and to provide raw materials to metallurgical plants in the Northern and Middle Urals, the Resolution of the USSR Council of Ministers dated February 05, 1960 No. 128 announced the decision to design and build the Urals' largest mine, Severopeschanskaya, with a capacity of 5.0 MM TPY of run-of-mine in the Severopeschanskaya magnetite ore deposit discovered in 1957. The mine construction started in 1961; the first ore car was brought out of the mine to the surface in April 1968.

The Severopeschanskaya Mine produces from the Peschanskoye magnetite ore deposit, which is represented by three areas, from north to south: Novopeschanskoye, Severopeschanskoye, Yuzhnopeschanskoye, which, in turn, consists of 4 individual iron banks: Upper, Western, Southern, and Lower. The total strike-length of the mine field is 5.5 km; the cross-strike thickness ranges between 20 and 180 m. The occurrence depth below datum ranges between 250 and 920 m. The mine uses two development systems:- a system of induced level caving by breaking without a compensatory slot (rarely by breaking using vertical compensation chambers) and a scraper drawing. This system produces 70% of the ore material. - the system of sublevel caving by layered breaking without a compensatory slot and an end drawing using mobile machines with a diesel drive type ST-10.30, PDM 95.1. This system delivers up to 30% of the annual ore volumes. The crushed ore with a coarseness of 0-300 mm is delivered with two 25-tn skips through the skip & cage shaft. The ore bodies at the levels of -80 m, -160 m and -240 m are mostly exhausted.

Currently, iron ore is being mined at the level of -320 m. The iron ore mining from the level of -320 m has been in progress since 1981 and, therefore, the iron ore reserves of the level of -320 m are depleted and are at the final mining stage. To ensure forward development of the mine and of the company in general, Bogoslovskoye Mining Group has developed and implemented an investment program for construction of the level of -400 m to compensate for the retiring capacities. In 4Q 2017, Bogoslovskoye Mining Group mined 30 thousand tonnes of cupriferous magnetite with a copper content of 0.65%. The ore is processed at JSC Svyatogor's metallurgical plant based in Krasnouralsk. The planned annual cupriferous magnetite mining volume for 2018 and later periods amounts to 120 K TPY.


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